Could a Cardiologist Help Me?
By Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center
April 09, 2021
Category: Cardiology Care
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Cardiologists treat diseases and conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels. Visiting your Winnsboro, and West Monroe, LA, cardiologist, Dr. Virginia Gonzalez of Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center, can help you protect your heart health.

10 reasons to visit the cardiologist

Paying a visit to the Winnsboro, or West Monroe, LA, cardiology office can be a good idea if you have any of these issues:

  1. Chest Pain: Your heart doctor can determine if your chest pain is caused by a heart problem or another issue. Call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately if you're having chest pain for the first time.
  2. A Heart Condition: Regular follow-up appointments are important if you are living with a cardiovascular condition or heart disease.
  3. High Blood Pressure: If untreated, high blood pressure can increase your risk of a stroke, heart attack, peripheral disease, or kidney disease.
  4. Shortness of Breath: Your breathing problem may actually be related to an issue with your heart. Shortness of breath can occur if you have congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and other heart conditions. Shortness of breath can be accompanied by dizziness and palpitations.
  5. High Cholesterol: High cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease. Fortunately, your cardiologist can prescribe medications that can help you manage your cholesterol.
  6. Family History of Heart Conditions: Scheduling an appointment with the cardiologist, even if you feel fine, can be helpful if other members of your family have heart issues. If you do have a problem, treatments can help you reduce your risk of heart attack or serious heart disease.
  7. Smoking: Damage to your heart and blood vessels is more likely to occur if you smoke or smoked in the past.
  8. Preeclampsia: If you had preeclampsia, a condition that causes high blood pressure during pregnancy, you'll want to make an appointment with your cardiologist. Preeclampsia can double your risk of heart failure later in life, according to a research study published in Hypertension.
  9. A Cancer Diagnosis: Some cancer treatments can be hard on your heart and blood vessels. After your treatment is complete, make an appointment with your cardiologist to determine if you've developed any issues that could damage your health.
  10. New Exercise Routine: If you plan to start exercising after being inactive or want to begin a more intense exercise regimen, your Winnsboro, and West Monroe, LA, heart doctor can help you ensure that your heart is strong enough to handle exercise.

Do you need to see your cardiologist Dr. Gonzalez of Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center in Winnsboro, and West Monroe, LA,? Call (318) 338-3540 to schedule your appointment at either office.