Have You Been Experiencing Chest Pain Lately?
By Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center
July 07, 2021
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Have You Been Experiencing Chest Pain Lately?

Chest pain can be scary for many people, as it is often challenging to know the cause of the pain without a visit to the emergency room. Chest pain can also manifest differently for men and women. While there are countless causes and symptoms associated with chest pain, if you are experiencing chest pain, it is important to seek medical attention immediately to rule out some of the more life-threatening conditions. If you live in West Monroe, LA and Winnsboro, LA, and are experiencing chest pain, consider reaching out to the experts at the Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center, APMC, for a comprehensive evaluation.

Symptoms of Chest Pain

Some of the most common complaints of chest pain include a dull ache across the torso, crushing pressure making it difficult to take a full breath or sharp pains across the middle and upper chest area. Again, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to seek immediate medical attention for your chest pain in West Monroe, LA, to determine if you may be experiencing a serious heart condition. The location of the pain, duration of symptoms, and intensity can all vary from person to person and may not correlate with the seriousness of the condition.

If it is a heart-related condition causing the pain, your chest pain may also be associated with shortness of breath, lightheadedness, and nausea. In women, this may also include back, jaw, neck, and abdominal pain. In men, some may also experience cold sweats in addition to chest pain.

If your chest pain is not related to a more serious heart condition, you may be able to tell if you also have a fever, chest pain when coughing or after eating, or pain accompanied by a rash. While it is still imperative to seek medical attention for these issues, it may not result from underlying heart disease or other heart problems.

What To Do If You Are Experiencing Chest Pain

Regardless of the underlying cause of the chest pain, if you or a loved one are experiencing chest pain for any amount of time or intensity, it is imperative to seek medical attention immediately. The cardiologist at Cardiovascular Diagnostic Center, APMC, in West Monroe, LA and Winnsboro, LA, Dr. Virginia Gonzalez is the expert to call to assess your chest pain and determine any future actions needed. Don't wait! Give us a call today at (318) 338-3540.